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In Japan……Festivals - November

Karatsu Kunchi - November 2-4 Karatsu, Saga Prefecture


Famous in Japan for its hikiyama floats. These are carried on the shoulder like ordinary mikoshi (i.e. floats) but are topped with outlandishly decorated fish, lions, samurai helmets and other paraphernalia. They lead a boisterous, sake-fuelled parade around the castle town of Karatsu. Karatsu is on the western coast of Kyushu, south of Fukuoka.


Ohara Festival - November 2-3 Kagoshima, Kagoshima PrefecturePicture3

At this, the 


largest autumn festival in Southern Kyushu, you will be treated to a street parade of no less than 22,000 dancers. Attracts crowds of over 600,000.

Betchya Festival - November 3 Kibitsu-hiko Shrine, Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture

Men wearing striking masks or dressed as lions, run around the crowded streets looking for children to 'thrash' with bamboo whisks. Legend has it that children 'beaten' in this way will be safe from illness for the coming year.




Many thanks to the members and students who represented our Association in the Fisher’s Ghost Festival Parade on Saturday, 2nd November 2013. It was a great day, and it appeared to me we were very popular as we walked down Queen Street.

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